Apple iPhone 5C features, release date and price


Apple’s media event in Cupertino was being waited by millions of people worldwide. As was expected, the company announced two iPhone devices in this event. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are the announced devices. This is the first time that Apple has announced two iPhone devices in one event. iPhone 5C is low-cost iPhone that is meant for people who want to taste iPhone but can’t afford to buy one. Apple has very high expectations from this cheap iPhone. If you are wondering if this cheap iPhone is good for you or not, then you should keep reading this article on Apple iPhone 5C features and specs to get a satisfactory answer.

Apple iPhone 5C features, price and release date
Apple iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C Features

After knowing that iPhone 5C is ‘cheap iPhone’, the first question that must have hit your mind is – How is it cheap? This question is quite natural to arise, as iPhone devices have always been costly, then how Apple managed to make iPhone 5C cheap? The answer lies in the outer part of the device. Hard-coated polycarbonate rear casing is there in the iPhone 5C. The outer look of iPhone 5C is similar to that of claimed in many leaked images. While announcing iPhone 5C, Apple’s Phil Schiller called the casing of iPhone 5C as the ‘beautifully, unapologetically plastic’. He also claimed that users won’t see seams, or part lines, or joins. The iPhone 5C will hit the market in different colors. You will have choice to pick from colors like blue, green, pink, white and yellow.

The change in the outer form has enabled Apple make a cheap iPhone. If you are wondering what’s there in the features-part of this iPhone, then allow me to tell you that in terms of features, the iPhone 5C resembles with iPhone 5. iPhone 5C has A6 processor, 1GB RAM and 8MP camera. Now just check out the specs of iPhone 5, you’ll find the same there. Although the MP count in iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C is same, but there is difference between image quality. iPhone 5C clicks slightly improved pictures as compared to those clicked by iPhone 5. Some other attractive features that are part of feature-set of iPhone 5C are sensors like accelerometer, GPS, compass, and gyroscope.

iPhone 5C has 4-inch Retina display with 1136×640 resolution. The device will be available in the market in two memory variants of 16GB and 32GB. This just-announced low cost iPhone resembles a lot with iPhone 5 in the feature-part, and you must have verified it by now. Apple hopes to attract a huge new audience with this smartphone, the audience that looks for low-cost smartphones only. iPhone 5C will surely help company increase its user base.

Apple iPhone 5C Price
Talking about the price, 16GB version of iPhone 5C will be available in the market for $99. Of course, you will have to sign two-year service contract with the service provider. 32GB iPhone 5C with two-year contract will cost $199. Apple has announced that it will be selling silicon rubber cases to provide an extra customization option. A case will cost $29. Apple will start taking pre-orders for this iPhone from September 13th.

Apple iPhone 5C Technical Specifications

SpecificationsApple iPhone 5C
Display4-inch IPS LCD
Resolution1,136×640 pixels, 326 ppi
Operating SystemiOS 7
Camera8-megapixel, 720p front-facing
Face Time Camera1.2MP (1280 X 960)
ProcessorProprietary A6 CPU (32-bit)
Memory16GB, 32GB
Weight & Thickness4.65 ounces, 0.35 inch
Dimensions115.2 mm X 58.6 mm X 9.3 mm
BatteryTalk time up to 10 hours on 3G; embedded
Price with Carriers$99, $199, $549 off contract (16GB)
Unlocked iPhone Price$549 for 16GB, $649 for 32GB
Available ColorsBlue, green, pink, yellow, white

Everything seems good until Apple announces this iphone 5C price, but the biggest question is what does ‘C’ really stands for. Apple announced that C stands for Cheap, but it is not apt for this phone as the price tag is as high as $549 for 16GB. Many people doesn’t like this plastic body phone with those many colors and that high price. One simple question Tim Cook Apple should ask himself, why should one go for iPhone 5C when they have iPhone 5 or willing to buy iPhone 5S. As per our analysis and world-wide Apple users, iPhone 5C is just a crap and will become Apple’s miserable product of all time. Let’s wait and see how users will take it up-to.

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