Best HD Games for Android Jelly Bean Devices


So you boast that you are a true Android fan. Hmm? Well, then answer that which is the latest version of Android. Well, all so-called Android lovers must have got surrounded by silence. I hope you are not. Let me clear the air, ‘ Android 4.2 Jelly Bean’ is the latest version of Android. No reward for right answers, Sorry!! But mind it; this article is not less than a reward as I am sharing here the list of best HD Games for Android Jelly Bean.

Best HD Games for Android Jelly Bean Devices | Top Android HD games
Best HD Games for Android Jelly Bean Devices

Top 5 HD Games for Android Jelly Bean

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Drive fast and be the hero. Oh! Don’t implement this ideology in real life driving, but in this game for sure. The game comes with many rules and all those many rules sum up as ‘There is No Rule’. You always hoped for such track? Well, this might not turn into reality in real life, but get turned into the virtual world in this game. You are free to choose from 24 tracks. Break the rules, blow away the cars and other vehicles coming in your way, but be aware! the cops are very strict and always behind you to catch and send to dungeon. Let’s see who wins!

Modern Welfare 3
Successor to popular Android game Modern Welfare 2, with more modes, multiplayer option and hence, enhanced fun. You need to kill the enemies and win the war. This is simple to say, but hard to do. Both you and enemies have gotten the deadly weapons. It’s up to you that how you use your weapons and conquer the game.

Dead Space
If along with the concept of the game, the graphics also matter for you, then this game is meant for you. The horror Android game with each and every part designed and set perfectly to enhance your gaming experience on Android. The game has received a good feedback from the users and surely deserves to shine here in this list.

GT Racing- Motor Academy
For those out of you, who like to play racing games, but don’t like the popular Need for Speed (see above), then this is perfect choice. Though the basic concept of the game is same; leave your rivals behind. But the high graphics, sound, no. of available tracks with different puzzles and challenges in them, no. of available cars to choose from, multiplayer option etc makes the game to be one of the best racing games. The game is full HD to take your fun meter to a new level on your Android Jelly Bean device. Of course, it requires more memory and good hardware specs to run smoothly. But that’s not a big deal. Is that?

Grand Theft Auto III
Ever played this game on your PC or any other gaming console? Come on, don’t say NO! I don’t expect that. Well, whether played or not, but don’t miss to download this game on your Android Jelly Bean device. The main character of the game is in your control. Enter into a virtual city, in which you have nothing to do, but to complete challenges only.


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