Best iOS 7 tips to use your iPhone effectively


iOS 7 a long awaited overhaul of iOS by Apple is available to users now. The flat design of iOS7 looks sleek, transparent, intuitive yet simple to understand and use. It has loads of new things and features that keep users exploring the treasures. We would like to bring 7 of those Best iOS 7 tips you could enjoy and use effectively.

Best iOS 7 tips

1.       Wallpapers
This time apple gave dynamic wallpapers where the bubbles on your screen keep floating. This looks pretty cool on the lock screen. Also the wallpaper looks moving in the background as you move your phone up/down or tilt. It’s pretty interesting if you set wallpaper taken in panoramic mode.

Apple iOS7 Dynamic Wallpapers
Dynamic Wallpapers

2.       iMessage
You can now see the time of the message sent/received. Hold and swipe the message bubble to left and you see the time.

Apple iOS7 iMessage

3.       Swipe right to left
Earlier in many Apple apps you need to swipe left to right to edit/delete. In iOS7 you have to swipe right to left. Particularly in Mail app, we have ‘More’ option as well which is very useful for quick response.

Apple iOS 7 Swipe right to left
Swipe right to left

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4.       Spot light search and notification center
Spotlight search is just pull down from any page now. You can set the precedence of your search in the settings to show apps first, contacts next etc. You don’t need to wait until notification disappears now, you can just pull up and hide it.

iOS 7 Spot light search and notification center

5.       Auto Updates for apps
You can set auto update of apps in the settings. Also you can choose whether to use data from your cellular plan or not.

How to Auto Updates iOS 7 apps
Auto Updates iOS 7 apps

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6.       Browser
Safari is stunning wow. You can browse in private mode right from the browser whenever you wish to. You can just scroll through many tabs.  Go to tab mode and swipe a tab to left to close, so easy now.

iOS 7 Browser
iOS 7 Browser

7.       Control center
Most sought after feature in this iOS7. Access transparent cool looking control center for quick settings, play music and other frequently used utilities (not customizable yet) from anywhere by just pulling up from bottom, just push it down to close control center.

Apple iOS 7 Control center
Control center

As we chose 7 cool tips I couldn’t stop writing about one more.

Double click on home button from anywhere you see all apps/browsers that are currently running in background. Just swipe up on any app to close it, is my coolest pick for now.

iOS 7 cool features
iOS 7 cool features

Hope you have liked these cool tips and tried on your iPhone. Stay tuned to get more updates on iOS 7, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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About the Author: Nagendra Prasad, an enthusiastic young writer and IT professional who seeks for innovation in his way of work and fascinated to find the newest technology trends. You can follow him on facebook.


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