Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Cases


Finally, wait for the successor to Galaxy S3, the incredible ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’ has met a happy end, as the smartphone is available in the market now. The flood of news about the smartphone on the web cleared that how desperately everyone was waiting for this latest and best member of Galaxy smartphones line-up. The smartphone is undoubtedly the best of all Android devices that we have seen so far. Whether it’s about software features or hardware features, there is hardly any ‘good’ competitor of the device.

Have you made the mind to invest your money on Galaxy S4? Good to know that! As you are going to invest a huge amount on this smartphone, so it’s quite obvious that you want this smartphone to keep shining in your hands for long. But what if the luck does not favor you and your smartphone gets dropped from some height resulting in its damage? What if the dust particles, fingerprints damage the quality of screen? Any bad incident with the screen is possible, right? Therefore it is highly important to protect the screen of your Galaxy S4. There are many cases available in the market that can help you in this cause. Want to know what are the best cases for your Galaxy S4? Here is list of the same.

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Cases

Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4
Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung S View Cover
This cover comes from the house of Samsung. The best part of this case is that is has rectangular peephole in the front side from where you can see the date, time etc. This case is available in various eye-popping colors. $50.00 is what you are required to pay for this case.

Tech 21 Impact Snap with Cover
The case for your GALAXY S4 should be the combination of perfect look and top-notch protection. Those who agree with this and want a case of this type, then shock absorbing D30 material Impact Snap with Cover by Tech 21 is what is meant for you. The case has shock absorbing D30 material, which is the same material that is used in armor by the US Ministry of Defense. While this material provides protection, the leather cover keeps the things stylish. This case costs £24.99 or $39.00.

Anymode Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case
Pick any of the four available colors: White, Black, Blue and Pink. This case does not only make the things stylish, but also protects your Galaxy S4’s screen from scratches and fingerprints.

SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 Case
This case is available in five color variants. It provides top-notch protection to both front and back side of your Galaxy S4. The sides of smartphone are also covered by it. When you use this case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, you no longer need to worry about scratches on its screen. Fingerprints, scratches and dust particles can’t cause any damage to screen of your S4, when you use this case. This case is available on for $24.99.

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