Drawbacks of iOS 7


After the launch of iOS 7, we have reviewed and posted new design and features that are enabled by Apple. We are left with disadvantages and drawbacks of iOS 7.

Nothing is perfect, and same is the case with iOS 7. There are some drawbacks – though very less- in iOS 7. Do read them out below.

Apple iOS 7 Latest Features and relaese date
Apple iOS 7

Drawbacks of iOS 7

  • The iOS 7 does not have any open file system, which means that you will have to duplicate the files quite often. Experts were expecting that Apple won’t do so, but Apple has proved them wrong.
  • As mentioned in the ‘advantages’ section, the AirDrop is an incredible feature. But you may not find it much attractive because it works between iOS 7 or later only.
  • Apple has blessed iOS 7 with a new feature called ‘Control Center’. This is good way to access common settings, but it’s quite surprising that besides this feature, there are no lockscreen shortcuts. Apple should have included lockscreen shortcuts in iOS 7, but sadly, it has not done so.
  • iTunes Radio is one of the most attractive new features, which I listed above in the ‘advantages’ section as well. But, the other side of this feature is that it works only in the US. So, if you are living outside the US, then this feature is of no importance for you. It seems like Apple is teasing its users living outside US. Well, it’s not new, Apple always does so. It seems the company loves doing that. Shame!
  • Camera user interface is very simple. It includes only basic features and settings. Apple could have made it better, but unfortunately, it has delivered a very basic UI. Maybe, Apple was in hurry while building it.

Although these are minor drawbacks, Apple would have considered to fix these before the release.


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