How to Root OnePlus 3 – Easy Rooting


The OnePlus 3 smartphone was launched in the summer of 2016 and became the best Android phone of that year. But even the best needs a little refinement sometimes. Especially in the case of smart phones where they are requiring upgrades every now and then. And one quick way to enhance your Android phone is to root it.

In this article today, we are going to help you on How to Root OnePlus 3 Smartphone. The rooting of the OnePlus 3 is a quite comprehensive and simple task. All you need to do is follow the certain specific steps given below:

How to Root OnePlus 3
Rooting OnePlus 3

How to Root OnePlus 3

Step 1:

  • Format your device.
  • You can do this by either using an apple interface or a windows interface, all you need to do is download ADB setup and run some proper commands in command prompt.

Step 2:

  • After performing the steps mentioned above, what you need to do now is, setup ADB and the drivers so you could make your system communicate to your phone. To do this follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings -> click on About option and continue doing that until the system tells you that you are now a developer.
  • Now click on Back option and select new Developer Options which will appear on your screen.
  • After doing that, turn on USB Debugging option and OEM Unlocking
  • When all of the above-mentioned work is done, connect your phone to your system through a USB cord and install all the required drivers, after that, go to the option HOW TO SETUP ADB TUTORIAL and complete that task then, return back to where you started.

Step 3:

  • After you have set ADB, connect your phone to your computer, and can easily communicate, we need to move on to our next step, which is, unlocking the bootloader of your OnePlus 3 device with the help of a small fast boot command.
  • To fast boot your OnePlus 3 device, open the c:/abd folder, hold the shift key on your keyboard, now, right click the mouse button and select the open Command Window option from there.
  • After the Command Window has opened, type the statement given below at the end of the line and press the enter key:

ADB reboot bootloader

  • After doing that, type another command which is given below:

fast boot OEM unblock

  • Once you’ve typed this statement in Command Window, press the enter key again.
  • Now, you need to follow the steps that your One Plus 3 gives you and unlock the bootloader using the volume keys to find your way and the power key to select. Doing this will basically format your smart phone. Although this will also unlock the bootloader and restart your device.
  • After the rebooting has been completed, set up your device in the usual way and follow these steps.
  • Go to Settings -> click on about and keep on hitting the Build Number option until it tells you that you are a developer again.
  • Now go back to Developer Options.
  • After performing all those steps, you need to start USB Debugging and connect your phone to your system.

Step 4:

  • After you’ve successfully completed each and every step of the process, you are now qualified to gain root access.
  • To achieve that, download custom recovery and SuperSU file and save them both to the abd folder that you’ve created earlier.
  • Now, go to command prompt and type the instruction given below into it and press enter after end of every line:
  1. adb push
  2. /sdcard/
  • adb reboot bootloader
  1. fast boot flash recovery
  2. recovery.img
  • After this, press the volume down button and the power button until the recovery option is selected.
  • From recovery, select the backup option and create a Backup of all the information on your phone before moving on to the next step
  • After that, click on Install option and select the file and swipe up to install it.
  • Now, coming down to the last step, select the option Reboot System once everything has been completed.

This is how you have managed to reboot your OnePlus 3 device in 4 easy steps. If you are still facing any kind of problem or having any error while OnePlus 3 Boot then just comment down below we will contact you or give you the best answer within few hours. OnePlus 3 is now available at online stores you can check it out here (OnePlus 3 Review).

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