Top 5 Best Gadgets at the CES 2017


Just like every year, the biggest technological event, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 is here. Last year it homed some terribly rad and super exciting gizmos. Sensorwake, Prizm, Intel 3D Replay Technology were a few major attractions of the CES 2016. And this year, the CES 2017 which is currently happening in Las Vegas is all set to woo the consumers, again, with 20,000 of its outstanding technological innovations and marvelous contrivances.

So far, we’ve seen a lot of gadgets and widgets which have undoubtedly won the heart of the general public. And picking out from these beautiful pieces of technology, we have justly shortlisted the best 5 gadgets that have been disclosed at the 5 days long CES 2017 exposition. Here is a list of our top five picks of the best gadgets we’ve seen so far at the CES 2017 so far:

Top 5 Best Gadgets at the CES 2017
Best Gadgets at the CES 2017

Best Gadgets at the CES 2017

Kuri the Robot Nanny

Availability- December 2017

The Kuri is exactly what its name suggests. It is basically a robot home helper which can be righteously used to check up on your kids and your pets when you’re not at home. Kuri is the perfect device if you need someone to look after your home when you’re away on a vacation or a business tour. It comes with a mobile security camera and some smart home control credentials. It will be available from December 2017 with a price tag of $699.

LeEco Smart Bikes

Availability- will be available in the US starting this spring.

The second gadget on our list will bring a lot of ease to the bike lovers out there. And what’s so interesting about it? The fact that it will gladly allow you to look at a 4-inch touch screen device operated by Android while you’re on the run. The touchscreen fitted into it will basically provide its users with the functionality of a music player, GPS navigator and a walkie-talkie. As far as the comfort of the consumer goes, LeEco has done an appreciative job, but at the same time some people might consider it apprehensive as looking at a touch screen device which is almost equivalent to a smart phone is just another call for trouble.

LG W7 featherweight wall-mount TV

Availability- March 2017

The third gadget on our list is the lightest, slimmest and most certainly with the best picture quality TV to have been featured at the CES. And will also probably be the same at your home. The new TV set, the LG W7, comes in two display sizes videlicet, the 65 inch and the 77 inch TV. And as far as the claim of LG goes, the picture quality of these TV sets are far better than all its last year’s predecessor.

Power Vision PowerRay Underwater Drone

Availability- Pre-orders will be available at the end of February

Drones are a new concept in the field of technology, and this underwater drone introduced at the CES 2017 is indeed the best gadget to have been released at the show. These underwater drones come with a water resistance of up to 30 meters and a camera which records videos in 4K resolution. What’s more is that there’s also a fish-finder sonar attached to it which can determine the presence of fish up to a depth of 40 meters and can also bait them, if need be, with the help of blue light. If you’re still not impressed, there’s more. The manufacturer of this ultra-cool underwater drone, PowerHouse will also offer a set of VR glasses which will allow you to quickly motion around.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Availability- N/A

For people who have cold feet during the winters and have difficulty sleeping due to this problem are going to be thoroughly impressed by this technological invention. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed which will intelligently sense if your feet are cold and turn on the heater placed at the bottom of the bed so you can easily warm your feet and get a good night’s sleep. Another interesting feature that it possesses is that, if this mattress senses that you’re snoring, it will levitate the bed a bit to lessen the sound of your snores.


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